Thursday, May 18, 2006

on cleaning

today, I cleaned the kitchen
It is such a rare thing that it deserves a post to itself, repeating over and over again, I cleaned the kitchen , I cleaned the kitchen..after aybe a couple of months.
This was a rather special cleaning, my roomates have left, leaving the house to me, its mine all mine..precccioooousssssss...
it is such a bliss to be alone, I havent experienced this deep dark silence in such a long time. It is such a relief to not hear people on the phone and other people singing. I can play music, sing and dance peacably!
SO back to the cleaning, it took me 3 hours and a lot of kitchen towels. It also left me quite bewildered, because I found several masala's I could not identify, 5 open packets of sambhar powder and 4 unopened ones. 4 packs of rasam powder , all opened. Considering the fact that my roommates never cooked and in these two years probably made rasam/sambhar maybe twice..then how many open packets does that come to (scratches head).
I also found rotten corn (in the cavernous depth of the refrigerator) and several empty katoris, why?
Also found were several containers full of rai (mustard seeds) and unidentifiable powders..yet again why, where? who? what? mein kaun hu? kahan hu? scratch scratch?

so here is a missive to all of those invisible people who are still living in my house, can you please explain the absence of the all the screws that used to hold pan handles in place, and pray explain where the handles went, also explain who has been making sambhar and i have not been gettting any of it?

And also explain (While we are it) where did my sock go? oh actually the sock is fine, it went to whereever missing sock and pens go , just thought i'd like to know and make a fortune bringing them back..

ahh eternal mysteries...


Anonymous chandni said...

its the monsters under the bed who come out at night :)

Next time u're abt to hit the soon as u shut off the lights, ask "Are there any monsters under my bed tonight??"

God! I dig Calvin n Hobbes too much!

12:30 PM  
Blogger albino_black_sheep said...

brrrr,,,chandni..i am home alone remember? no dad and mom to yell out to! :-s

5:43 PM  
Blogger amz said...

been there, done that. quirks of roommates (and invisible people) are part and parcel of the adventure called "sharing a house". hahahaha.

love the way you write, disha:)

i'm working on the zzzzzzz...soon.

4:09 PM  
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