Wednesday, May 24, 2006

mills boons and chick lit

read somehwere, about someone ranting about the sadness of chicklit. What exactly is chik lit?
bieng a chica myself i take umbrage at the fact that I didnt know the exact meaning..
so here goes "The books are fun accounts of witty, overworked and under loved women looking for better jobs and a better love life. A majority of them come from Britain. But this is just the surface story. Every Chick Lit story I've read also has a deeper motive driving the character, some secret from her past she still hasn't overcome (of course there are some that do not)".

WHat does that tell you? It means its today's mills and boons. There are many parallels. Mills and boons (or romance novels, the ones read hidden from mom in school)and with decreasing delight when no longer banned and chick lit both are best in moderation. Their front pages though very different in style from each other are identifiable as ohh its a romance novel, ohh its a chick lit.
For those uninitiated or the "men" on this blog page, romance novels usually have a gorgeous hunk of a man, bieng looked upon lovingly by a ravishing slighlty unclothed woman, oh both may be slightly on the lack of clothes side..but that is a bit unusual.
In chick lit..there is a plethora of bright colors combined with a chirpy looking drawing, which ususally contains atleast one girl in a skirt and also one martini glass either in conjunction or seperately.
other than these superficial similarities, they are both recommended in moderation, too much will make you love sick or friend sick or party sick.
They are both great time wasters and are written in a particular style (poles apart, but there is a theme) and usually have atleast one successful/beautiful woman who the heroine does not like and fears will steal her man/job/friend.
Before this post gets out of hand (afetr all I am at work and should have better things to do) I would like to comment why am I fascinated by the topic. It is because, both are directed towards women of different generations, romances towards an earlier one who all unifromely wanted a hunk of a man with a gorgeous castle surrounded by a moat to keep away the bad people. And chick lit is directed towards todays woman, have the priorities changed? I think so...if we can assume(for the moment) that literature represents desires of the people it is directed towards, then todays woman hankers not afetr the hunk in the moated castle but after a core group of friends they can run to, a job that pays them well and yet lets them be free birds at the stroke of 5 pm, a man who understands them and yet is liked by thier friends and wait wait wait for the perfect man wjo is preferably the owner of the compny you work for (dang i work in a office full of women :( and while you wait, date, party and console friends who have lost their latest loves.
so is prince charming out and prince hot boss in?
seems to describe my life, how about yours?


Anonymous chandni said...

this is so true!

he way u describle chick lit covers is bang on!

I dont mind them...once or tice a year...cant tolerate it for longer! They all seem similar...

but that's true of mills n boon too!

btw..the new template is nice!

6:48 PM  
Blogger amz said...

prince hot boss?! girl, remember that i know who your boss is. hot? uhhhhh.....head check. hahahahahahaha. kidding aside, i like this post! quite guilty of reading many of these, though. hahaha. i mean, seriously, Multivariate Statistics: A Critical Review--or feel good stories about prince charming and kick-ass heroines....hmmmm....

11:03 AM  
Blogger albino_black_sheep said...

@ amz
..shame on you..u made me laugh aloud in office!!! the guilt! the shame!! hmm..nice idea for the next post ;)
@chandni: thanku for the appreciation! I like chicklit when i have exams because they do not require any thinking..:D

1:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey... remember what we were talking about a few days back? chick lit is just a simplistic version of other stories. n well its to put it simplistically... a pain...

it speaks of things that do not exist. there is no perfect guy n there is no such thing as self-less love. it speaks of everyone receiving everything in the end n whats more... it speaks of it as if it is really really easy.

but the one thing i do not understand... no matter how successful the girl, she is always a mess emotionally. i mean its not just the girls... guys too are as stupid. n well this is turning into a post itself :D


7:51 PM  
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