Saturday, May 20, 2006


read chandni's blog on a similar topic, and it got me thinking,
feminism, equal rights for men and women. I am all for it. Yeh! let everyone be equal!!! men against women, women with men, whatever...
but also to remember that as we have developed these stereotypes about women, we women have also learnt how to use them to our advantage.
So with equal men and women, women stop bieng the softer sex, stop expecting the bus seat labeled "keval mahilayon ke liye" . You cannot have it both ways. You are no longer allowed to look up at a big strong man on the railway station and bat you eyelashes and expect he will come running over to move your bags for you.
Equality in jobs..awesome! what we needed all along, but then women dont expect that the workplace will change to fit your whims.
Am not saying that men shouldnt have to change, they do, but why do we want centuries of stereotypes, centuries of male dominated jobs, or female dominated jobs to change suddenly with the rocky road smoothened over, so that we can glide over it?
To a very large extent it is women who are resposible for this state of affairs, have you ever sneered at a guy taking cooking classes? or laughed with the guys about there bieng only one sad girl in their mechanical engineering department? If never, then you have truly left stereotypes behind.
Sterotypes will exist, they are a part of the human functioning, a part of our cognitive map of the world. Fight them, but be sure that what comes up is what you wanted! and realize there are certian stereotypes you still like , like chivalry, out they go too..
believe me the world will be a much harder place without them, it is not the utopia we imagine. Because then we wil have men who dont protect, who whine and cry and nag and sit at home, we dont really want that now, do we?
sorry if this post offends or if it is incomphrehensible..just a flow of thought !


Blogger 4WD said...

ha ha. was waiting for you to figure out... so you did. smart :P

11:23 PM  
Blogger 4WD said...

now you must link me

11:25 PM  
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